Thursday, May 30, 2002

Not feeling like turning on the tv tonight. It's all garbage anyways. Plus I'm too tired to "get into" watching something right now. Stayed up late the last two nights watching the b-ball games (and other stuff ;) ) so I should try to get an earlyish night tonight. I probably should be packing and making up a list of stuff I need to get at CVS tomorrow after work for the trip. Although...I will be needed some of the stuff tomorrow morning, so I can't pack that up. The annoying thing about this time of year is that you never know what kind of clothes are best...could be shorts but might want pants...and I have *no* clue what we're going to be doing while we're there. I suppose I could ask and find out. Oh, but that's too logical.
Ugh...washed my hair tonight and it's all coming out. Sheading is worse with long hair I'm starting to remember. Although I should be happy I have so much, I guess. Today I saw a woman on the T who was losing her hair and had a comb-over. Poor woman. And this morning I saw a man in the elevator with a MASSIVE comb-over. The hair on the right side of his head had to be at least two to four times as long as the rest of it so that it could cover his bald head. I tried so hard not to burst out in laughter right then and there. How is it that these people think that it actually looks better like that??? So bizarre.
Oh...and I got asked about my leaving by one of the women at the office. Dammit. I so didn't want to have to go there. But she was nice about it. I told her that I was going off to explore other things...which is true...anything else but there. heh. If people who called weren't so bloody rude...or some of the people who I had to deal wouldn't have been so bad and maybe I could have dealt with it. But...alas, being treated like crap and looked down upon is not what I want to deal with on a almost daily basis. It's amazing how people treat others. This has definitely taught me to respect secretaries/assistants. (I'm still not sure what the difference is between the two :\ )

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