Friday, May 31, 2002

good day sunshine?

Still sleepy. Although I had a nice deep sleep last night. One of those where you wake up in the middle of the night thinking it's got to be 5am and it's really only an hour or two after you fell asleep. I love that.

Today is the last day at the crap job. I overheard someone say yesterday that they are having someone come in for "training". Erm...that's not necessary. It's really not. But whatever. Hopefully the secretary will be in today (she's been out sick for the last three days), so I won't have to deal with this person. I'm way too negative about the place to be the one to do that. Plus I really don't want some one following me around all day while I do nothing or whatever.

It's friday and this place always has some odd stuff on friday, for their Photoshop Phridays, plus other thingys.

Genetic researches say it's hard to tell man from mouse. Get off my cheese. I suppose now mice research makes sense.

23 is a passing grade...this is really very sad and depressing. Why are school district suits so fucking stupid? They will ruin our kids and the future of our country.

Want to be "hip" to the latest british slang? It's smashing!

Need some cool fonts? Go here for some funky-fresh ones.

And...last but not least...for all you Leicester City fans out there...there's a new Kit for you to get your freak on with. (courtesy of Foxo- what a stud! *lol*)

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