Wednesday, May 29, 2002

late morning
::sigh:: at work. Blah. surfing blogs as per least of late. Contemplating organizing my multiple blog efforts I have going into two distinct uses. One for mental dishcharge...another for links or something. Will have to think about that. Livejournal is cute with the mood images, but this blog is more fun in that you can design how it looks...and I can't figure out the way to change the design around on the other one...and I'm not willing to spend more time than I have already to do so.

Is there some reason that people feel the need to physically get as close to me on the subway as possible? I've been trying to figure out this phenomenia for a bit now. There could be plenty of room for people to go elsewhere, yet they end up crowding me. It makes no sense. Do I give off an impression of someone who enjoys that sort of thing? I don't get it.

Oh...snaps to Pepsi for the commerical that aired last night. I'm not sure if last night was the night it broke or not but, was the first time I saw it. It was so great. Mike Myers was doing his Austin Powers guy...and Britney Spears comes in and he says "That's a man, baby", and proceeds to punch her out and then try to take off her "wig"...I nearly spit out my Pepsi when I saw it *lol* It helps to make up for the other gawd awful commercials we've been pelted with.

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