Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Posting this here too
* i hurt: more than I admit.
* i love: easily.
* i cry: less than I used to.
* i fear: never succeeding.
* i hope: get out of this crappy rut I'm in.
* i feel alone: in large crowds.
* i listen: to the sounds of silence.
* i taste: like chicken.
* i remember: the future and forget the past.
* i forget: to clean.
* i hold: out for what I want. I will not settle. (well I try not to)
* i hide: in my bedroom.
* i pray: i will make it out of here alive.
* i walk: because you can't drive to most places in this town.
* i drive: my old car Nigel.
* i read: less than I should.
* i burn: in the sun easily.
* i play: with paint and pretend I know what I'm doing.
* i miss: Carmella.
* i feel: bored, ready to leave, hungry.
* i know: not enough.
* i dream: strange things lately.
* i have: no idea where I'm going.
* i am: unsure.
* i need: to cuddle.
* i live: in hope.
* i crave: something sweet or salty or BOTH!
* i wont': have anymore coffee today :(
* i pretend: people notice me.
* i smile: cheesily.
* i cant: do the splits.
* i laugh: at strange things.
* i lie: on my bed.
* i wish: to fulfill my dreams.
* i trust: in those I love.

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