Thursday, June 06, 2002

the celestial sprinklers are on

It's pouring down today. I have to find some motivation. Thinking about heading out in a bit to run some errands. Low on soap and some other necessities. I should also work on this painting that has been a work in progress for the last who knows how many months now. It's nearly done too. C. asked me to paint it for his apartment ages ago. And if I don't get it done soon, it won't have a chance to be in that apartment at all, or not for long. He told me what kind of painting he wanted...which isn't what I usually do. I'm more abstract than this. I mean I know I could do a crazy abstract scenic thing but, I wanted it to look somewhat like what it should be. The clouds and mountain part came out great. I just wish I could get the rest of the darn thing pulled together because it's starting to annoy me. *sigh* C. said he'd make me an easel...I wish he would. Would love one of those.

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