Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Odds and Sods

Man charged with supermarket foot licking Yuck! First...even if you have a foot fetish, to lick someone's foot in a supermarket is quite nasty. Second, to have your foot licked by some odd/random person is just creepy. I guess you're not safe from molestation anywhere these days.

How much would you get for your soul? An artist from the UK got £11.61 for his on ebay. He says he now plans on selling other bits of him, in photographic form.

World's Best Cup of Coffee goes to...Fritz Storm from Denmark. The World Barista Championships were held in Norway where baristas from 30 nations competed for top honours. Oh to have been a judge for that! :)

Antiabortion group pays to have a banner flown over So. California beach. Now, what I don't get is that no one has complained. This banner ad showed a 10 week old fetus. People aren't offended? I mean come on. Besides the fact that I'm pro-choice, I am amazed that there isn't some group yelling about how showing that image at a beach (!) is offensive, especially with children around. Maybe it's all the anti-abortionists who are making the complaints about adverts showing rabbits being released into the wilderness or recruitment adverts for a greeting card company using a visual containing a straightjacket. Honestly I don't understand it. I'm tempted to complain just for the hell of it. ;)

Heated debate on the formation of our solar system. Theorist believes the 9 planets were created out of chaos, not calm. Another scientist questioning the "accepted model" for the formation of the solar system. Way to go!

Watching a movie or TV program with strong sexual reference or violence interferes with people's ability to remember the commercials in such programs, according to research. "If the research is replicated and confirmed, it could mean the popular notion that more sex in shows equals more watchers and, in turn, a wider response to advertisements, is fundamentally flawed." Interesting.

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