Tuesday, June 11, 2002

our bizarre world

Study shows people lie more than expected. I find it odd they had to do a study to figure this one out.

Uncouth Wedding Reception held at McDonalds in England.

Aussie MP tells countrymen to stop finishing with their girlfriends because of the "fertility crisis" facing Australia. Who knew.

Check your facts. That's the lesson Beijing news writer Huang Ke learned the hard way after using a spoof from the satirical US tabloid The Onion as the basis for a true story. Whoopsie!

Great Tits! is an ad campaign for an Edinburgh nature web site that's causing locals to complain. People are way to uptight. I think it's a clever campaign that using sex in an amusing way, which actually makes some kind of sense as opposed to another campaign for milk where the creatives figured cows=milk=women=boobies.

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