Friday, June 07, 2002

previous post went bye bye

Argh. I had quite a nice little post and stupid computer crashed before I could publish it. *roar*

This site think geek has some pretty funky stuff. And the have a whole section just on caffeine! Although they can't ship caffeine to belgium or sweden...I wonder why that is...seems kinda odd.

Ben and Jerrys are mixing ice cream and activism. Their new One Sweet Whirled campagin is attempting to make a change in how we impact the world around us, mainly to stop (or slow down) global warming. Also kind of neat on their site...the flavor graveyard.

Going home with a possible one night stand in Oslo? Out of condoms? No worries! A Norwegian taxi co. teamed up with the Norwegian health authorities and are handing out condoms to any client who asks for them. Pretty cool...and a good idea! :)

And...for those of you looking for some amusement...check out this prawnography site.

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