Saturday, June 08, 2002

psychic reading?

Okay so...I'm going through a bit of a rough period. Unemployment is getting to me, as it tends to do now and again. Yesterday was really a rough day, especially in the afternoon. My bro and I were talking on line and he suggested I see a psychiatrist. I'm not sure that it would help, unless they can get me a job in advertising. And this morning I talked to my mummsy about it, and she suggested I see a psychic adviser. Okay so...what the heck? She called this woman and told her to call me to set up an appointment with her. I set one up but I don't know about this. I know my mum said she'd pay for it and all, but...I'm not crazy about doing this. Seems like a waste of good money in some respects. She says it's uplifting and will make me feel better. I know what would make me feel better...a job.

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