Monday, June 24, 2002

todays stuff
England's queen has her knickers in a tangle over these posters for Ann Summers, apparently a non-sex shop that sells vibrators and other sexy stuff (I don't the article). Buck Palace reps are trying to get the posters which hang in the shop windows taken down, but as they are going to be taken down in a week or so, it doesn't seem like much will be done. Unless they decided to sue for defamation or something.

Who knew you could get arrested for serving a vegetarian meat! Well, at least you can if you're in India. The incident was reported to the police as a deliberate act intended to give religious offence. Now I don't know about that...but there's so much heat between religions in that area now...I wouldn't be totally surprised.

Italians want more ads? Italians say TV has become so tacky that they'd rather watch adverts! Almost 2/3 say adverts are the most entertaining things on TV. Wow.

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