Sunday, July 07, 2002


Finally back working again, as of tomorrow, after a month of no work. I'm so glad. Although I wish it was a better job than what it will be, but money is money...and I need whatever I can get. *sigh* Oh to be a college student getting funds from parents again! This being an adult thing stinks. At least it does while unemployed. It wasn't too bad when I had a job.
Last night was kind of a bust. Went to C's and was going to make just the two of us a nice taco dinner. While at the supermarket I get a call from him asking if it's too late to get enough for three more people. Now, granted I usually wouldn't care too much, but I'm the only one of everyone who hasn't worked for a while, and practically really broke, and I'm buying them all dinner? Something is wrong with this picture. No one offered even a couple bucks to help pay for it. No one offered to help me make it, other than C. I dunno, I guess I am not too crazy about C's friends. They are about the same age and yet they still act like they are 5 years younger or something. And it really bugs me sometimes. Not only that but it's been over a year that I've been with C and I feel like they still treat me like "the girlfriend" most of the time. I really don't like that. But oh well. They are his friends, not mine. Not only that but I get annoyed the way they team up on him and tease him. I guess that's always the way with trio-friends. When there's just two of the three it's okay, but add the other one and it gets screwy. I remember when I was in elementary school it was like that with my two best friends. It's weird that dynamics like that happen. Maybe I just read into stuff too much sometimes. Or I get too paraniod about what people say about me behind my back. For the most part I really don't care what people I don't know why it bugs me from time to time.

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