Sunday, July 14, 2002

just for future reference: graphic goo

Recently returned from my mini- "camping" trip. Turned out to be better than I thought. Apparently the cabin was in better shape than originally assumed to be, so we were able to use the beds, instead of having to set up camp outside. Got there as the sun was setting. It was a gorgeous pink and orange sunset. We waded across the sandbar, which ended up being about not too bad. The four of us talked, drank and sang along to the music of the guitars two had brought along to play. A great night. Very soul soothing to be with good friends and just kickback and enjoy each other. Woke up earlier than expected this morning. I just couldn't sleep anymore even though I was extremely tired and slightly hungover. Went outside and sat on the porch looking out at the lake. Beautiful. Hung around for a while before heading home. I really hope we get to make at least one more trip this summer.

Meeting up with old friends makes me think about those who I've lost touch with over the years. There are a few of those who don't even live that far away and we just drift away from each other, personal things taking presidence over making time to meet up. It makes me sad to see some of these people who are wonderful and great friends slip away. True there are those who, in the end, it's probably better to be away from them. But usually that's not the way it happens. At least with me. Then again there are a few friends of mine who I don't see for long periods of time and when we meet up, it's like I just saw them last week...nothing changes, we just pick up where we left off. That's always great too.

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