Thursday, July 11, 2002

just a thought

Blogging and advertising. Two interesting topics. Two things we may see merged in time to come. Webloging allows a peek into the thinking of the average joe. And with more and more weblogs being started every day, it is highly likely that this will be used by marketers, researchers, etc to get into the mind of their target audiences. What do they like? What do they read? What do they wear? What are their dreams and hopes? By blog-hopping or blog-surfing, one can get into the minds of like people, following their links. Whether it be because of age or interest, there is a common link which these people share.
Being a copywriter I find weblog surfing quite interesting. Although being unemployed it's hard for me to implement what knowledge I aquire about demographics. (Although I do look at weblogs at a personal level- I enjoy reading what other people write and seeing how they think.) But I guess the question that I'm pondering is whether this will become a commonplace technique used by marketers and demographic researchers. It's possible it already is, although I doubt it. But I do see it having a high probability in the future.
(I'm sure there's more for me to expand upon on this but right now I just wanted to get it out of my head and put it somewhere. Maybe when I'm not feeling so tired I'll try to flesh it out more.)

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