Saturday, August 03, 2002

I am neeeeeding coffee. Sadly I didn't brew a pot last night, so I'm waiting for it to cool off in the fridge. It's way to hot to even think of drinking a hot beverage. In a way I wish it was though. Ah well. Hopefully soon it will be okay, so the ice won't melt the second it hits the coffee.
The random link that was showing up before doesn't seem to be. I'm confused as to what that was but ah well, as long as it's gone, I guess it's ok. If someone wanted me to add a link to their blog all they have to do is ask.
Watching a thing on Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth. Kind of interesting. Otherwise it's a dull Saturday afternoon. Maybe I'll do some surfing and see if there's anything interesting out on the web to post here.

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