Thursday, August 08, 2002

Ready to head out on my lunch break. My head is spinning. Boring work makes me sleepy and grumpy. I am looking foward to going to the gym today to "release my anger and annoyance" of this stupid job. But I be needing the green and this is what I have to be doing to get least for now. I called the guy I interviewed with last week to see if they have made any decisions (and to set up a time to get my portfolio, since he asked if they could hold on to it), but he had "stepped out". So I left a message and if I don't hear back by this afternoon, he'll be getting another call.
Talking to my mum about my portfolio and how sending paper samples of work to agencies is expensive. It is a weird thing about the ad're not just sending a black&white copy of a resume. You're required, usually, to send full colour copies of your work. It adds up. And the worst part of it is that so many of these versions of portfolios just get tossed out. It seems an awful waste of money, especially for those without a job who are looking for a job. I don't understand it. I mean I know that you have to promote yourself, and it's true in any biz. But the advertising industry is so screwy about job hunting. It costs a fortune just to print the stuff (unless you have a very good quality printer, which I need to get), and then there's the cost of mailing your cherished work to the CDs. At some point I have to scrounge up 20 bucks or whatever it is now, to go use a computer at kinko's or one of those type places to print out some new work I've done for my portfolio. Although, hmm, now I'm thinking about it, I wonder if I could just burn the work to a CD, give them that and just have them print it out for me instead. That would be sweet. Maybe I'll stop in and ask um what that would cost. It's got to be cheaper than computer time.
Trying to decide what to do during lunch today. I only have a pb&j sandwich and some grapes (yes I need to go to the market), so eatting won't take long. Maybe I'll take a walk. But to where? I can't go far because this job is only an 8 hour I only take a 30 minute lunch so I get paid for 7.5 hours. Gotta make the most of it when paid per hour. And when I get back, I'll have a nice stack of stuff to file waiting for me...yay. Oh well, only one more day of it.

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