Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Things have gotten some what crazy all of a sudden.
But it's not all bad crazy. I've got about three weeks to get all my things moved out of this place. I've got my 2nd interview for a job tomorrow. I've got some crappy "career" seminar I have to go to next week (who said you don't have to do anything to collect unemployment?). And I have to call the unemployment people this week. I have a painting to start and finish in about three weeks. I have fanfic stories to judge. I have campaigns that need work. I have a portfolio that needs work. I have to clean out all my stuff so that I'm not moving things that I no longer need (not really looking forward to that since I'm a packrat but it needs to be done). Have to start apartment hunting. I'm sure there's more but my head hurts just thinking about these things. Gah.
It's so hot today. I'm glad I have the gym and C's place to go to where it's not so hot that I'm feeling dizzy. That's how bad it is today. The news said it was "unhealthy" to be outside. That's not a good sign at all. Well instead of sitting here sweating I suppose I should go and be moving my ass and sweating.

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