Thursday, August 22, 2002

Thursday Thumb Twiddler
1. If you were to discover that your closest friend is a heroin dealer, what would you do? I'd have a chat with them. I wouldn't approve but, there's only so much I'd be able to do or say before they would probably stop listening to me and do whatever they wanted anyways.
2. Having learned to a moral certainty that the world is going to end in six months, what one thing would you do for the first time? Scuba dive.
3. If you could create a memorial to yourself in a city park, what would it be? A big fountain with some funky scuplture in the middle of it.

Thursday Threesome
Onesome. Small. Is it a small world? In how many miles of space do you live your life? It varies. Virtually it is much larger than in reality.
Twosome. Spiral. Ever felt as if you were on a downward spiral? How did you pull out of it? Yes. I'm still working on that. But attempting to do it but surrounding myself with good people, taking time to do what makes me happy, and getting plenty of exercise.
Threesome. Notebook. Notebooks and pens and crayons and glue...when you think about school supplies, what do you most remember? Um...I remember trying to find those cool trapperkeeper notebooks. I think that's what they were called. By the end of the school year mine tended to have torn plastic and be a bit dinged up.

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