Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Two for Tuesday
1. Other than a family member, is there someone (you don't have to name names, of course) that you've never been able to forget? Why him or her? There have been quite a few actually. There are a lot of wonderful people I've come across so far, who have made their way out of my life in one way or another, that have made an impact on my life. My 7th grade social studies teacher (who I remember every St. Patties Day as that was his bday-yes I remember that years later!), my medieval history professor and one of my advertising professors from college who was an amazing teacher, multiple people from internships who gave me guidence and advice on career pursuits, and many more.
2. What incident -- either one that happened to you personally or something that you witnessed but weren't directly a part of -- have you not been able to truly put behind you? Why not? I can't think of one that I've not been able to put behind me. At least nothing comes to mind.

This or That Tuesday
1. CandyLand or Chutes and Ladders? CandyLand! I loved that game
2. Barbie or GI Joe? Oh Barbie for sure. I had soooo many of them.
3. Play-Doh or Silly Putty? Play-Doh definitely.
4. Lincoln Logs or Tinkertoys? Tinkertoys! I think I still have a set of mine.
5. The Game of Life or Monopoly? Game of Life.
6. Etch-a-Sketch or Lite-Brite? Lite-Brite!! turn on the colors of magic light!
7. The Slinky: metal or plastic? Plastic. the metal ones got too bent out of shape after a while.
8. Easy-Bake Oven or Sno-Cone Machine? I had an easy-bake oven but always wanted a sno-cone machine. I envyed one of my best friends who had a snoopy one. So, Sno-Cone machine!
9. Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars? never really was in to these but I'll go with matchbox cars.
10. Spirograph or Paint-by-Numbers? Spirograph! I still have mine!! :) (see I am a packrat!)

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