Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Uncreative title
Home from the gym and I could use a shower. I feel very stinky. I was going to shower at the gym but I wanted to get away from the city before the baseball game time got too close. Getting home on a game day is a nightmare. I really hate it. I wish they'd move the stadium to the other side of town. Or out of town would be nice too. It's so annoying.
Working this week at a non-profit. People there are interesting and very nice. No real heavy lifting though, which is not a bad thing really. It's very close to the gym and that's good motivation to get my butt there this week before my account gets put on hold. I wanted to work out longer than I did today but I kept yawning through the workout and I'm physically exhausted from moving this weekend, so I thought I shouldn't push myself too much. Plus I still have the last bits of things to move out end of this week, so I don't want to strain or pull anything that would interfere with that.

There's a farmer's market in town on Tuesdays and Thursdays I think near where I'm working. I went today at lunch and got some fruit. I would have loved to have gotten masses of veggies and made a veggie lasagna or something tonight but I'm too tired to cook and I didn't want to leave veggies in my locker at the gym. There's just something kind of nasty and disgusting about that.

I may have a place to be in October after all. It's not very close to public transportation, which was really the only thing I was looking for in a place, but it would be easier, since one of us is already living there. It's not as cheap as we were looking for, as C thought he was paying too much. But, it's got a ton of space, a nice sized kitchen with a dishwasher(!!), and we'd have a good sized study too. Oh and there's an AC in the livingroom. I figure either way I look at it I'm going to be paying less than I am now- with the exception of transportation costs in and out of the city. I may have to pay for parking and the like which would increase my share. That kind of bugs me but I'm not sure if it bothers me enough to want to go through the whole hassle of apartment searching and the possibility of having to pay some yahoo a whole months rent for doing absolutely nothing. I'd still have to come up with a two months rent though- last and security (if there's one...I'm not sure), so that's not so much better for me, although it would be for C. He thinks the landlord said something about a possible decrease in rent if they stayed instead of an increase or whatever...so if that's the case that would be nice too.

I still haven't heard a thing about either job, the fulltime one or the freelance gig. I was supposed to hear back from the fulltime guys yesterday with some "idea" as to what was going on, since they weren't sure by when they were going to have a decision made and all that kind of thing. But, not too surprisingly, no one called. And I figure, these guys are busy trying to work, on top of doing the whole hiring thing, so I'm not going to push them too much. If I don't hear anything by Friday I figure I'll call again, because then it will have been over three weeks since the 2nd interview and I think (and would hope) by then they'd have some idea at least what was going on. Then again who the hell knows.

While on my lunch break I did some blogcrawling to these places that looked pretty funky.
RuPaul's weblog!

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