Friday, August 09, 2002

Yesterday while changing into my workout clothes at the gym I discovered I had done something quite silly. I had worn unmatching shoes all day! Granted they are both black loafer shoes, and I doubt anyone noticed but, I felt so stupid. Have you ever done anything like that? After my workout I was glad I had sneakers to wear home so I didn't have to knowingly put them back on. :)
The weekend is just around the corner...only about 9.5 hours to go. Today is going to be a bit hectic, since I have a few errands I gotta run during work and afterwards. But, they shouldn't be too bad. I have to go pick up my portfolio from the place I interviewed at last Monday, since they say they don't need to have it anymore. The news on the job is that they haven't made much progress, and I'm still in the running. So that's good news. I was supposed to find out if I made it to the second round of interviews this week, but it's been pushed back to mid-next week. So *fingers crossed*. Sacrifice a chicken for me. ;)
Better go get ready to be a filing machine for one more day. The job I've been at the last three days has been dull, but then again, filing tends to be. But at least the people there are nice. They've let me go early two of three days so far, and have said they'll pay me for the full amount of time I should have been there, so that's groovy.

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