Sunday, September 01, 2002

end of moving
I'm finally done moving out. Yesterday I did the last little bit of packing up the car (it was so full I didn't think it would all fit at first) with the odds and ends left in my place and cleaned the place until it was shiny. It was kind of weird leaving yesterday. But, that's always how I feel when I leave a place that is my home for any amount of time. It looked so empty and everything when I left but, I guess that's good because it means I didn't leave anything behind ;) It's been a crazy last couple of days getting that all finished up. Now I get to go through my stuff and find places for it for this month. I'm trying not to unpack too much stuff because I will just be packing it back up in a couple weeks. Argh. Not such a happy thought but oh well. C'est la vie. :) Plus I also now have a place to live in October, that is if I ever get to sign the lease. But we were told it won't be a big deal to do that so I shouldn't worry. I've got plenty of other things to keep myself busy worrying about as it is.
I suppose I should get back to unpacking and finding things.

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