Friday, September 13, 2002

Friday Five
1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why? In high school it was science. There's something about figuring out how things work and that sort of thing that I enjoyed. In college it was my history and advertising classes. The history was mainly medieval stuff which I really like. And advertising, of course, I love and it's lots of fun to do.
2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why? In high school it was my sophomore history teacher I think. He was great and made it fun. College had to be either one of my advertising profs or my prof for my medieval history classes. Both made learning fun and interesting rather than just shoving information down your throat.
3. What is your favorite memory of school? In high school I participated in something called One Act Festival. It was a competition where you had to perform one act plays in a certain amount of time. If the performance went over you were disqualified. The sets for the plays had to be mobile and you were timed in getting the sets put into place before the play started. My junoir year we went to States...which was a lot of fun. I also got an award for best costume design and makeup. I had had the option to act that year but I thought that I wouldn't have the time to put into that part of it and doing crew would require less time. I was very wrong. I spent much more time doing crew than I would have if I was an actor. But, all the hard work paid off. After winning States that year, there was a gathering for the schools who won in the various other nearby states to show off their plays. Sadly, I missed it, but had an incredible time in Italy. My senior year, I participated in another school's play as an actress (an all boys prep school- they had to "import" their females). I made a lot of really great friends there. And we wrote our play that year. It was a great experience. And tons of fun. Both are some of my best memories.
4. What was your favorite recess game? Handball. In elementary school it was "the" game to play.
5. What did you hate most about school? Homework. Especially all the reading I had to do for my English classes. Many of the books I just couldn't get into. No one should make someone read Great Expectations during a summer vacation either. I think I read the first eight pages about 50 times and I couldn't get any further than that.

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