Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I'm freaking out. I've got two job things I'm working on...and my web site is down. Technically it hasn't been up. I'm really annoyed. I've spent the money to have a service and these fuckers aren't doing their job. I just called and left a message telling them it was urgent and I need them to get on the ball. It's great that I've got these two job possibilities...but it figures that when something starts to go okay, something else is sure to go tits up and then fall straight into shit. Such has been my life lately. Things start to look like they are getting better and picking up and then something stupid keeps it from occuring or something else goes wrong. Why??? Why does it have to do that? It's not fair. Well, at least not in my eyes. I'm tired of killing myself doing shitty temp jobs and whatnot, and not doing what I'm trained to do. I'm tired of searching the job boards, etc for work and seeing nothing. And what happens when I do see job openings in my field??? My fucking site goes down. Then I give up on it and attempt to find another. And it's fucked up too. I'm seriously stressing out right now and I'm already stressed as it is. On top of all this, I'm going to be moving again, in a week or two. And as if the moving itself isn't stressful enough, the landlord still hasn't given us the new lease to sign. The first is a week away and there's no new lease?? I mean come on. You'd think they'd hammer it out and want us to sign asap. You'd think at least. But nope. Just the application. And if there was a problem with it I would have expected to have heard from them about it by now. I'm sorry for the two of you that read this. I'm just stressssssssed and need to get it off my chest, so to speak. What I really feel like doing is screaming and ripping out my hair, followed by a nice fetal position cry.

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