Saturday, September 07, 2002

Saturday Scruples
1. You've agreed to sublet your apartment to someone. Someone else offers you an extra %50 a month to give it to her. Do you? I would be very tempted but since I've already made the agreement, I couldn't do that. I'd feel awful about it. But I'd tell the second person that if anything were to change I'd let her know.
2. Your boss congratulates you for a brilliant suggestion and hints at a promotion. A subordinate gave you the idea. Do you mention this to the boss? I probably should but most likely wouldn't. But I would use my new promoted status to do something for that person.
3. You're a college basketball star with high grades. An infertile couple offers you $4000 to donate semen/an egg. Do you agree to do it? I'm not sure what the basketball star and grades part has to do with donating an egg. I'd consider it. I'm not sure if I would or not. I'd want to find out more about the procedure and all that sort of thing.

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