Thursday, September 05, 2002

Thursday Thumb Twiddler
1. How do you picture your funeral? I try not to. Although I guess I'd like for people to think of the good things and do more fo a celebration of my life than some super depressing sort of thing.
2. As a juror, you are sworn to not discuss with anyone the details of the trial you're impaneled for. do you (would you) anyway? Probably not, although if I were to, it would be to close family or something like that. I wouldn't go to the press or anything like that.
3. Would you rather live someplace where it's always between 80-90 degreees both day and night, or someplace where it's always 40-50 degrees? Depends on the humidity of the 80-90 degress I suppose. If it wasn't very humid, then it would be fine, but if it was I'd definitely go with 40-50 degrees.

Thursday Threesome
1. As the seasons change what changes for you? Not too much, other than my wardrobe.
2. Are you a squeaky clean kind of person or are there dark secrets hidden in your closets? I'm pretty clean. There aren't any secrets I can think of.
3. Have you ever bought something absolutely ridiculous or unnecessary, simply because it was on sale and "such a good deal"? Is it tucked away in the attic or a closet- or did you find it really useful? I can't think of anything, at least in a long time that I've bought like that. Since I'm on a rather tight budget, I tend not to go out unless I'm looking for something specific and rarely do I get something other than what I intended to get. Although I did get a nice sweatshirt the other day that was on sale, and it wasn't on my list of things to get. But I needed a new one and so it was rather practical.

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