Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Two for Tuesday
1. What sport did you love to play when you were a kid -- and were you any good? Oh volleyball. Love it. Indoor or beach vball rocks. I was pretty good at it. I had a serve that used to knock the other team over sometimes. My spike went all out of wack my senior year which sucked. And my coach wasn't very helpful in working with me to figure out what was wrong with it. I think it was a timing issue I had. But she sucked balls as a coach. That is unless you were one of her pets. Sickening.
2. What about now? Do you still play that sport or any others? I try to if I can but it's hard to get a group big enough together. And most people I know aren't fond of doubles. I've been trying to get some people to play tennis, but nothing has come of it yet, and now that the weather is going to be getting colder, the chances of it are going to be slimmer. I still will shoot hoops if I get the chance.

This or That
1. "Gone With The Wind" or "The Wizard of Oz"? Wizard of Oz. Scarlet peeves me off. Whiney girl. ugh. Plus, Oz has poppies :D
2. "Toy Story" or "Shrek"? They were okay. I'll go with Shrek cos I like Myers.
3. "Saturday Night Fever" or "Grease"? Grease. But not Grease 2 or any such silly thing. Just Grease.
4. "Casablanca" or "Citizen Kane"? I've never seen either one. But I'll go with Casablanca because, well, why not?
5. "When Harry Met Sally" or "You've Got Mail"? When Harry met Sally, just for the erm, restaurant scene.
6. "Forrest Gump" or "Titanic"? Neither is great. But I'd definitely pick Forrest Gump over Titanic. *shudder*
7. "Pretty Woman" or "Working Girl"? Pretty Woman. (yes even though it does have Gere in it)
8. "The First Wives Club" or "Thelma & Louise"? Thelma and Louise...and a young brad pitt...mmm.
9. "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" or "James & the Giant Peach"? Willy Wonka...umpa lumpa!
10. "Legally Blonde" or "Bridget Jones' Diary"? I'll say Bridget Jones because I haven't seen the other one. And if you haven't read the book...READ IT...10000 times better than the film.

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