Tuesday, September 17, 2002

wacky patents

Two for Tuesday
1. When you're feeling down, what activity is almost guaranteed to make you feel better? Dancing. Just blasting music and closing my eyes and dancing. I'm not sure why it works but it usually does.
2. Everyone's got their own definition of "comfort food." What's yours? Anything with lots of carbs. Mashed potatoes are on the top of my list I think.

This or That Tuesday
1. Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? Portland Oregon.
2. New York or New Jersey? New York.
3. Van Gogh or Van Halen? Van Gogh
4. Bill Clinton or Bill Gates? Bill Clinton
5. Leonardo daVinci or Leonardo DiCaprio? hah. The fact that these two are even next to each other is amusing. daVinci by miles and miles!
6. "American Pie" or "American Idol"? neither but if I had to pick, I'd go with American Pie.
7. George W. Bush or Curious George? Curious George!! He rocks.
8. Billy Joel or Billy Idol? Mmmmmm Billy Idol. There's just something sexy about that sneer.
9. Donny Osmond or Donald Duck? Aren't they the same person? Donald Duck, because my dad does a great impersonation of him. Or would that be a imduckination? :)
10. Dr. Seuss or Dr. Kevorkian? Pleaaase. Dr. Seuss all the way man. He is a god in his own right! ;)

Tuesday Too
1.) Are you willing to remain silent on something you strongly believe in, in order to avoid confrontation with your friends or family. Why would you, or wouldn't you do this? It depends on what the situation is. If it is something that would result in someone getting hurt or making a bad decision I would probably say something. But if it was something that wouldn't make much of a difference, I would probably keep my thoughts to myself. If it was to open a discussion that's one thing but to just start an argument for no reason, it wouldn't be worth it. Besides, I've noticed people don't really listen to me when I've got a point to make in a discussion for whatever reason. So, many times I tend just to be quiet anyways.
2.) Do you think trust is necessary for a "real relationship?" Do you trust easily? Do you find your faith in others is usually justified, or have you been betrayed one too many times? Trust is very important. Real relationships, whatever they may be, tend to have an exchange of ideas and other things that require trust. Not only that but if you are talking romantic type of relationship you need to be able to trust the other person for many many reasons. I vary on how much I trust someone though. If I have recently been betrayed it takes much more for me to trust someone. But if not, I'm pretty trusting until you give me reason to be otherwise. And then you better work your butt off if you want me to trust you again. I am a typical Libra when it comes to that I guess.
3.) Have you bought something on ebay, or another auction site? Tell us about your experience. Was it positive or negative? What did you get? Would you do it again? Nope, never have bought a thing off the net auctions.

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