Tuesday, October 08, 2002

14 live creative briefs have been published at the YC'N (Young Creatives Network) website; http://www.ycn.org.uk
Written by a range of organisations, from Orange and VH1 to the NSPCC and the Wales tourist board, they present commercial and social communication challenges and offer the opportunity to demonstrate creativity across a range of media.
The deadline for submitting work is March 21st 2003.
YC'N exists to inspire, support and demonstrate emerging creative thought. These 14 briefs are a live project to do so. Each of the briefs runs alongside a creative agency who will aid in the assesment of creative output and award creative placements to the teams and individuals that produce outstanding work. Each of the briefs also has an award pool of £1500 associated with it. There is no cost associated with submitting work. The creative placements are largely at London agencies but we invite submissions internationally.

I wish more agencies did this sort of thing.

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