Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I should be hearing about this job today or tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous. I would love to get it. But I'm not ready for massive disappointment yet again. Especially after three interviews...it would seem like such a waste of time. I spent a good part of yesterday searching the job boards, as I do every monday, wednesday and friday, with not much luck. There was one thing I applied for, but who knows if I'll hear back. The percentage of responses to the number of applications/resumes/etc that I send is very low. It makes me wonder if it's because I really suck that much at what I do or if it's just the luck of the draw kind of thing. It's so frustrating to want to work, but not be able to. Not only that but it is a bit of a blow to the ego in the respect that I feel like I'm no good, which is why I'm not getting hired. But I know that's not true. Sure I'm no pro, since I've only been doing this for a few years, but I'm not some sad hack either. In many ways I wish I had the experience and money to be able to open my own shop and get in on some pitches and forget about the whole looking for work thing. Maybe someday. But there's no way anyone would come to me, no matter how good the ideas, without a bit more experience under my belt. Oh well. Enough blathering for today.

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