Monday, October 28, 2002

It's nearly 2pm here and I've gotten nothing done at all today. I do have a list of things to do and I'm just lacking motivation to get it together and get going. It doesn't help that I didn't get to sleep until late last night. And when I did get tired and try to go to bed, the bastards upstairs, well one of them had music playing at like 3am with the bass up high enough that I could hear it through the floor and over the sound of the fan. Shit like that really peeves me off. I can deal better with just regular noise I think than that annoying just barely able to hear it kind of noise. I was very tempted to go up there and bang on their door to inform them of the noise. But I didn't. If it happens again...I will. I figure I will give them once chance. The fact is that the ceiling (their floor) is rather thin and you can hear them walking about and that sort of thing. And granted it's not their fault and that kind of thing isn't really that much of a bother to me. But they do have some odd sounds that come from up there sometimes. Including lots of loud banging noises, as if they are dropping bowling balls on the floor. That and they are neurotic about vacuuming. Honestly it's nearly every day. Saturday they spent over 20 minutes vacuuming and then they did it again yesterday, although for a shorter amount of time. It's just weird. I guess part of it is that for the last three years the apartments I've had have been on the top floor of the buildings so I haven't had this problem in a while and I'm not used to it. Thankfully there's no apartment under ours to worry about. Then again I didn't really worry all that much about it when I did have an apartment under mine. No one ever complained about noise so...who knows. I guess that's just part of the bliss of living in apartment buildings like this.

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