Saturday, October 12, 2002

1. Name at least one positive thing that you expect to happen for you tomorrow? I will have cake. One more for with the next week? I will be moved in. One more for within the next month? I will have some kind of job. One more for within the next 6 months? I will have a job I like.
2. Time to release. Say at least one positive thing about someone that you have no said and probably should have said to them before. (Doesn't matter if they will ever read it) My mum rocks.
3. Think of someone who you do not like right now and say something positive about them? I love my family.
4. At the moment, in self-evaluation, how do you take positives that enter your life. Are you skeptical or suspicious? Do you have great optimism? Etc? I try to grab them and make the most of them. But I tend to be skeptical that they will last and all that. At least lately and with the way things keep going.
5.Okay, depending on how religous you are, put here a prayer or a wish for something specific and good in the life of someone you know? Since I'm not religious I'll just put best wishes to a certain someone to go back to school and do what they really want.
6. If an eccentric (and he must be eccentric to do this) millionaire was giving you a million dollars to throw a party for a very specific reason right now, what would it be and how would you go about setting it up? Also who is on the short list? I have no idea.
7. Say thank you for, one good thing you have right now and why you are thankful for it. My health
8. Since life is not all roses, I am going to give only one chance to be negative this week. What do you think of my questions, positive or negative or indifferent, and why? They are fine but you need to spell check :)

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