Saturday, October 05, 2002

Saturday-8: "When I was a Kid..."
What was your favorite song? Do you remember it word for word now? Probably the theme to Flashdance...First when there's nothing but cold something feeling, you're mine. All along I have tried. Silent tears full of crime. In a world made of steel made of stone.....
What was your favorite cartoon? If you watch cartoons now... what is your current favorite? It changed but I loved the Snorks, the Smurfs, and the carebears.
What was your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Do you still like that dish? Hmm. Probably pancakes. I still love um.
Were you scared to look under the bed or at the closet @ night? Why or why not? Yes. More afraid of looking under the bed. When I slept I'd put my arm under my head and the pressure would make me hear my heart beat and I would think it was monsters climbing stairs under my bed to get me.
Who was your first crush? Do you still know the person? My first crush was Ricky Shroder from Silver Spoons. I never knew him. The first crush I had of someone I knew, was a boy named Jason in my 5th grade class. I haven't seen him since our HS graduation.
If you "celebrate" Halloween... what was your favorite costume? I can't remember being anything but a black cat. My mum tended to reuse that costume a lot.
Were you a daydreamer? What did your daydreams consist of? Being famous, being a dancer or an actress.
As a kid... what age did you think was sooooo old? What age do you think is OLD now? I thought 40 was soooo old. Now I think 60 or 70 is waaay old.

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