Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Thanks to those who sent bday wishes. :) I got some very cool presents for my bday this year. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of one in particular on here. Although I do have to get my computer back to a state of up and running-ness as it has taken a sad turn torwards the not working. Buggery thing. Oh well. I have to call around to find a place that has a relatively cheap "let us look at it and tell you what is wrong with it" fee. Granted this time I don't know what is up with it, so that will be a useful thing. The last time I had to take it in to be fixed, I knew what was wrong but they had to do a total diagnosis anyways, which I suppose wasn't all terrible- I mean better safe than sorry.
Finally we got most of my stuff moved into the apartment. I'm still working on finding the best "homes" for my things and all that kind of just moving in sort of thing. The kitchen and livingroom are mostly squared away in regards to that but the bedroom and study have a ways to go right now. I think the bedroom mostly because I haven't had my dresser moved here yet so all my clothes that will go in that are in duffle bags on the floor...which makes it look a bit messy.I was impressed how much of it we got done on Saturday...between my making two trips to move stuff down here (and it was raining...yuck) and moving all the things around to the rooms and that sort of thing, we did really well. I guess it helps when you've got two people doing that rather than just one. It usually takes me a week or more to get all the way out of my boxes when I move.
Sunday we did a bit more tidying and then went to my mums for a party for my bday. Mostly it was just a dinner but it was nice that she put the effort together. My aunt and uncle from Oregon and my mum's friends from Tahoe are visiting and they were all there, as well a few others. Sunday morning my mum called me asking what I put into my honey mustard chicken marinade, because she wanted to make it. She's never made it before and I only just recently made up the recipe, so I haven't perfected it to the point of figuring out measurements. So it was an interesting conversation because I'm trying to remember how much I put in and then she was trying to triple or quadruple the amount. When we got to the party, they were still cooking and the chicken had yet to be cooked so I got put in charge of cooking it and making the sauce for it. Some how I had a feeling I would end up cooking for the party she was throwing for me. It wasn't that big a deal but they kept leaving me in the kitchen to tend to their unattending foods that were cooking. That part made me a little nuts. But over all it was a good time and I got some very cool presents. Plus it was great getting to see family and for C to get to meet some of mine since I have met so much of his.
I have to go into town sometime this week to pick something up at an office there but I'm not sure when I'm going to go. I sort of thing I should do it today but I've definitely have had a lack of motivation in a big way lately. I know I can't do it tomorrow or if so, not until later in the day, and I don't even know for sure if I will be able to fit it in. So that leaves today, thursday and friday. Inny meanie miney mo...

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