Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Tuesday Two
1. When you're tired, do you embrace sleep -- either by napping or calling it a night -- or do you fight it and stay awake? Usually I embrace it. Although there are times when I'm tired and either need to do something or want to do something, and those times I will fight it...or at least attempt to.
2. Do you have any funny sleeping rituals or habits? Not really. At least none that I consider funny I guess.

This or That Tuesday
1. Front or rear wheel drive? I have not idea. I'm not really sure which I'd prefer.
2. Car or truck or van? Car. Although I'd take a van if it was painted up as the Mystery Machine. (On the way to the wedding we went to last weekend we went past a house with a van painted up as the Mystery Machine sitting in the driveway. It was sooo cool!)
3. Fancy or utilitarian? Utilitarian...what's the point if it doesn't do anything?
4. Power or manual windows/locks? Power I guess.
5. Small econobox or giant luxo cruiser? econobox.
6. Factory or aftermarket radio? As long as it plays music I don't really care.
7. Lease or buy? I've never done either...although buying a car new just seems so stupid. The second you take it off the lot you lose money on it. If I were to buy I'd buy used. And if I were to lease, I'd lease with option to own.
8. Perform own maintenance or farm it out? Hahaha. No I don't belong under a car...I have enough trouble navigating my way around the livingroom! Farm it out, baby!
9. Hi-test brand name or cheap-o fuel? Cheap-o. Yes I know it's awful for my you want to pay for my gas?
10. Run-it-till-the-wheels-fall-off or a new one every two years? Till the wheels fall least that seems to be the game plan for now.

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