Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Almost Turkey day
It's nearly time to give thanks. And cook up a storm. Thanksgiving has always been more about the food than the whole "giving thanks" part for me. Since my family is quite scattered we don't usually get together for this holiday. Travel tends to be saved for Christmas and New Years instead. This year I won't even be with any of my family which will be weird. I'm supposed to be bringing a dessert or appetizer. I'm thinking appetizer because last year when I was with the same people, everyone brought desserts and there was just way too many. So it seems fewer bring apps. Then again, most of them didn't show up until dessert. But I'm stuck on what to make. I've got a couple ideas, but can't seem to decide. I was thinking either stuffed mushrooms or philo triangles stuffed with stuff. And if I do the second one, I'm not sure what to stuff them with...there are too many options. But I have to make a decision soon because the supermarket is going to be a mob scene I'm sure. Especially the more I wait. And on top of it, we got our first snow, so I have to dig out my car before I can go anywhere. It's still snowing too, although not too bad.

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