Saturday, November 16, 2002

Daily Dose- Saturday Survey
1) The traitors known as the New Orleans (formerly Charlotte) Hornets play in Atlanta against the Hawks on Saturday night, and yours truly is going along with his galpal to see them get stomped upon. Is there anyone or anything you want revenge upon? Nope. I'm a Laker fan ;)
2) Give us three of your most embarrassing moments. Noticing at the end of the day that I had two different shoes on all day. Dancing on a stage at a club and nearly falling off it. Losing my job.
3) What is the silliest crush you have ever had on someone (celebrity or not)? Hmm. Probably the crush I had on two of the New Kids on the Block...joey and jordan I think it was...most embarrassing too lol
4) Thanksgiving is coming soon here in the US. What three things are you thankful for? C, my health and my mum
5) What three words describe you perfectly? caring, creative, and silly
6) What are your plans for the weekend? going to a surprise party in about two hours at a bar, probably hit another bar too and we may be having overnight guests too...which reminds me I better clean up before we leave! eek. Oh and plans really. Probably do a nice big breakfast though since I got bacon and eggs and stuff at the market this morning :)
7) Name one or more things you want to do before the year ends. Get hired!
8) What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard a teacher say during class? That only one thing caused the fall of the Roman empire. Stupid me, I corrected the prof in front of the whole class too...which put me on his shit list for the rest of the semester. God forbid he should be wrong. He was an ass anyways.
9) What is the longest you have ever worked in one shift? Probably 16-18 hours.
10) I'm thinking about what to cook for dinner. Any thoughts about what I should fix? Depends on what you got in the kitchen. Pasta is always easy. I've got some good chicken and beef recipes. Actually this week I made some steak tips in a marinade that was awesome.
11) Have you ever pulled a practical joke on someone? If you have, what was it? Not really. One April fools I told my mom her car wasn't in the driveway and that it looked like it was stolen or something. I really had her going and when I said April Fool's she wasn't too pleased.
12) Congrats! You just won one million dollars in the lottery! What is the first thing you do with your winnings? Pay off my credit card. :)
13) Name some of your "guilty pleasures". Long, hot showers or bubble baths, alone time on the computer, playing video games, cooking crazy meals or desserts.
14) What combination of foods that you like but other people find strange? Cream cheese on tortillas. My bro introduced me to that...C looks at me like I'm insane when I eat it.
15) Do you like to play games? If so, what kinds? I love boggle and scrabble and crosswords. I guess I like word games. I also like shoot-um-up games like Halo, air hockey and pinball.
16) What one habit you have do you wish you could rid yourself of? Being so critical of myself
17) PETA: love 'em or hate 'em? I'm actually in the middle. I think some of what they do is good but I also think sometimes they go too far.
18) Who do you admire most and why? Shakespeare...he wrote some amazing things.
19) If NASA picked you to go into space, would you go? Yes! It would be absolutely amazing to see the earth from way up there and the rest of the universe too.
20) If you could change one event in history, what would it be? The death of my step-father.

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