Monday, November 04, 2002

Just another manic Monday
I've started to get back to "seriously" pounding the pavement. Friday I emailed seven places and today I sent about 15 emails begging for work. Granted the possibility that I will hear back from any of them or all of them is slim. The effectiveness of email marketing for job purposes is something I've thought a lot about. It's the right price, and someone less intrusive than a phone call. But it's also easily ignored or deleted. But the money it costs to send mailers and portfolios and other printed material is so much, that it's not possible for me to do. You know, since I'm out of work. It's a catch-22 in many ways. It seems so bizarre to me that one has to spend money to get a job. That just doesn't seem right at all. No wonder the homeless have trouble finding work. Well, at least they would in advertising.
I got a job for the week proofing ads for a subsiduary of the Boston Globe. I've been here 2 and a half hours now and have proofed four ads. I wish I could have editted the copy on them. Scary that it was sent to them from an agency. Not even just the agency. That kind of thing makes me mad. How is it that people who are writing the crappiest of ads are employed while I'm stuck in unemployment land? That's the worst of it. Not that there aren't many jobs or whatever. The fact that there are people out there getting work or just generally working who are doing a crap job of it. It's quite frustrating.
Today I went through my email folder of saved emails from job queries and that kind of thing. I suppose I should be happy that places like Saatchi& Saatchi and Ground Zero were actually interested in my work. Or enough to actually bother replying.
I've been trying to get to open for a while and I'm wondering if the site went byebye or if it's just always so busy from traffic no one (namely me) can access it.

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