Monday, November 18, 2002

Monday Memories
Do you remember the first grown up thing you did all by yourself? It doesn't have to be the first.. but do you have a memory of something you did, for the very first time, all by yourself? What was it? Flying by myself. I was about 6 or 7 years old. My mom had gone to do something in New Mexico and I had stayed with my dad for most of the time she was away. The last week of the seminar thing I came out there to be with my mum. I was a bit scared but the flight attendents were very nice to me and kept me occupied on the flight so that I didn't have a chance to be scared. In a way it's sort of funny because it was in a way a sign of things to come. I flew a lot on my own not too long after that when we moved from Cali to the east coast. And actually the first time I flew alone across the country was very scary for me. I remember being more afraid on that flight than the first time I flew alone. Maybe because I was nearly 10 and had a bit of a better understanding of things. I remember the plane circled the airport for a bit because of flight traffic or something like that and I got all freaked out thinking it was terrorists taking over the plane or something.

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