Friday, November 08, 2002

News on a Friday Morning
Alcohol rapidly confuses the brain, study shows. Didn't we know that already?

New Mexico couple get sick with the bubnoic plague while in NYC. "The plague cases would be the first in the US this year and the first in New York City in at least a century. About 10 to 20 people usually get plague each year in the US, mostly in the west. One in seven cases is fatal." Freaky!

Celtics beat the Lakers 98-95 in overtime. Boo.

"Print, Power and Persuasion"- an exhibit at RISD Museum on graphic design in Germany 1890-1945. Runs through 11/17/02. Looks rather interesting. "The exhibition explores the emergence of modern commercial print media in Germany, the major role played by graphic designers, and the influence of graphic design on public perceptions.
Germany was at the forefront of graphic design when it emerged as a profession in the early twentieth century. Associated with the art of the book since the Middle Ages, Germany witnessed an explosion in the printing arts as industrialization brought the rise of mass-circulation advertising, magazines, and packaging."

Bringing back the hairy man to advertisements.

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