Friday, November 22, 2002

Summer temps
It's so freakin' hot in my apartment this week. For some reason the heat will not turn off at all. It randomly started at the beginning of the week and it's become a major pain. Granted, we don't pay for heat but, that is completely beside the point. It's about 40F outside and we have all the windows open to try to regulate the heat. At night, when the windows get closed while we sleep, the bedroom becomes unbareable. It's miserable. So far the landlord has been less than helpful on this. C called him the other day and asked him to call him back about the situation. Instead the moron just comes by. I thought he had talked to C beforehand, but apparently not. This irked C a lot, and I don't blame him. I would have called him inform him that the landlord was here if I had known he hadn't talked to him. I just hope we don't get stuck paying for rent for this week because it is absurd. I was tempted last night to call the landlord at 3am, since I was awake and couldn't sleep because of the heat. There's always got to be some sort of stupid "excitement" going on in my life.

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