Thursday, November 07, 2002

TGOF (yes, I know it's before Friday)
1. The last time I told a lie was last week 'cos I said I would clean the bathroom.
2. I should see my mum next week 'cos she says she misses me.
3. It's been a couple weeks since I last wrote to someone 'cos I had to send thank you cards.
4. I would say I'm a good cook 'cos most people seem to like my food.
5. It would make me happy if I could get a copywriting job 'cos I need money and I really want to be doing that.
6. My fav TV channel is Food Network 'cos I like to watch the cooking shows to get ideas.
7. I have gone on a diet before 'cos I needed to lose weight.
8. How much energy do you have, do you tire easily? Why? I tend to have a good amount of energy I think. I blame the coffee :)
9. What would perk your life up right now, if it's not upbeat enough? More work. Copywriting work. Ad conception.
10. What have you been whiny about these past few days or weeks? Name some complaints you've made. No job. Bills.

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