Friday, December 06, 2002

Are we alone?
The question has been asked for ages. There have been tons of movies made on aliens, alien encounters and the like. Is it possible that humans are not the only inhabitants of the universe? Of course. It would be stupid to assume that in the vastness of space, there is not another place where life exists. But is it the aliens we hear so much about? I've been watching Taken on the Scifi channel. A mini-series by Steven Spielberg. It follows the history of the first crash in the 1940s in New Mexico through to now (or I think it will since it seems to be doing that). It discusses the government cover-ups, abductions, encounters and all that. It's actually kind of interesting. And yes, it is fiction. But it is based on a bunch of things. I'd be curious to find out what kind of research was done when writing the script. I'm sure it involved checking out government documents that have been released via the Freedom of Information Act. It's definitely a topic that interests me. I wouldn't say I'm a freak about it but it makes me wonder.

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