Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Get your ticket to heaven. Includes a disclaimer that absolves the company of any responsibility to actually get you to heaven. It "makes no warranties or representations" as to whether there really is a heaven, what it's like or how long it lasts. Found at Odd.

Study shows China blocks news/information sites but not porn.The team from the Harvard Law School tested more than 200,000 websites to find out what content was banned in China.
They found that nearly 20,000 sites were inaccessible, showing that China had an effective system of blocking sensitive material. The findings provide an insight into the priorities for Beijing, which is promoting the use of the internet for business but trying to control it as a channel for political debate.

Gallup survey shows that Americans think the most ethical, honest professionals working in the nation today are nurses, military officers and teachers and professional groups rated lowest in the survey were telemarketers, car salesmen, advertising practitioners and stockbrokers, all of which ranked lower in honesty and ethics than lawyers and labor union leaders.

How bugs might travel between planets- definitely an interesting idea.

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