Thursday, December 05, 2002

It's all about the brand. Apple users are loyal, and it's not the technology that keeps them loyal but the brand. "Brands are more important than products. Products have limited life cycles, but brands -- if managed well -- last forever. "The battle of brands and products will be, above all, a battle of ideas," he wrote." Not only has this branding help to create loyal users but also to create a "cult" of users. Worshipping at the Altar of Mac takes a look at the cult like behaviour of Mac users and the reasons why."The intersection of brand -- a defining entity of consumer culture -- and community -- a core sociological notion -- is an important one," the authors wrote. "We believe brand communities to be real, significant and generally a good thing, a democratic thing and evidence of the persistence of community in consumer culture."

What's the best way to lace your shoes? The problem has been solved by an Australian mathematician. Now you can get to sleep at night ;)

The ASA has receieved complaints about two campaigns that have been said to be "too violent." The ads haven't been pulled but the ASA has told the companies not to do it again. Yes mum.

Sainsbury wins effective ad award thanks to Jamie Oliver. "The findings suggest he is the main reason behind any recovery staged by Sainsbury, which used to be Britain's biggest supermarket group, but is now only just hanging on to the number two slot." John Houston doesn't completely agree with the story from above stating "The campaign is funny and clearly effective; I applaud the agency and Sainsbury's for their imagination and bravery. However, to give such credence to the campaign makes the entire advertising industry look foolish. Let's keep our feet on the ground."

The advertising industry is at long last showing definite signs of life. But the outlook remains challenging.

Norway's Labour and Socialist Left (SV) parties want advertising out of schools and the Christian Democrats may be swayed to provide a parliamentary majority. This would spell the end of ad-financed notebooks.

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