Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Tues This or That
1. Opening presents...rip 'em open with all abandon, or carefully open, preserving the pretty paper for recycling? When I was little I'd rip them open but now I tend to open them carefully, not necessarily to recycle but to extend the anticipation of what's inside.
2. Do you and yours take turns, opening one gift at a time, or does everyone just rip into everything at the same time? Take turns.
3. If you get something you don't like...do you try to return it, or keep it so as not to hurt the giver's feelings? Depends what it is. If it was something expensive that will just go to waste, I'd return it and get something I'd use.
4. Do you spend the holiday at home (yours or someone else's), or do you go out and eat, see the newest movie, whatever? Usually spend it at home.
5. What do you do with Christmas cards after the holiday is over? Save them, or toss them? Save the best ones. I am a pack rat.
6. Cook Christmas dinner, or does someone else do that? Someone else does that but I usually bring something. This year I'm bringing some biscotti for dessert.
7. It's Christmas Eve, and you have run out of wrapping paper. Do you go out and buy more, or wrap the rest of the gifts in the Sunday comics? If anything is open I'll try to get some more paper. Otherwise, it's what's inside that matters :)
8. On Christmas morning...up at the crack of dawn, eagerly anticipating the loot...or would you rather sleep in? Rather sleep in.
9. Do you want a white or a green Chrismas? Doesn't matter to me. We're supposed to be getting a storm this year though.
10. Going to church on Christmas...yes or no? Nope. Never do.

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