Thursday, January 23, 2003

Ad gab
Ivory soap is bringing back the baby- After thirty years, the folks at Ivory soap are bringing back the baby that was the mainstay of their advertising campaigns in the past. But, of course, Ivory needs a new baby and they're searching the country for their new poster child. An Ivory ad featuring a baby last appeared 30 years ago.

Dave Thomas is going to be inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame- He will be inducted along with four others in this year's class of inductees- Hall Adams Jr., retired chairman and chief executive of Leo Burnett Co. Inc.; Phil Dusenberry, former chairman of BBDO North America; John H. Johnson, publisher and chairman of Johnson Publishing Co. Inc.; and David Sarnoff, deceased president and chairman of RCA.

Pizza Hut set to introduce their new Gold Stuffed Pizza

More anti-drug ads to appear during super bowl According to the press release "The new ads have been extensively tested with target audiences". Which means what? The fact that they got a bunch of people to view the ads seems like a weird point to emphasize. Maybe after the ads that connected drugs to terrorism they feel they need to show they can prove "My Future Self n' Me". After a little bit of research I found there have been studies done to see if these scare tactics are working. One article shows researchers are questioning the value of these scare tactics.

"Margaret Brown, chair of CTAs School Management Committee and a member of the Sacramento City Teachers Association, agrees with the conclusions of the controversial study. "My observation is that students want information that is realistic to the world they live in," says Brown, who teaches in a continuation high school. "Drugs are a part of the world they live in, in many cases. They don't want scare tactics. They want information about how drugs affect the body. The kids say, "Give me a real message, and don't talk to me like I'm awful if I've tried it." "
You can view the ads here after Sunday and their older ads now.

Commericals steal show at the movies-"Cinema advertising becomes a viable option when "you've got a brand that's connected to the fabric of the culture and if you've got great creative that fits the environment," said Steve Moynihan, managing director at ArnoldMPG, a media-planning agency in Boston. "It's not the best place to sell diapers or green beans." "

More about the "cat fight" ad- One point of view.

Commericals on the web? And you thought pop-ups were annoying.


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