Friday, January 17, 2003

Ad stuff
B3TA Advertising Challenge Some dead funny stuff. Spoofing ads...anyone can do it. :) (found via

GE launching new slogan- "General Electric is jettisoning its "We bring good things to life'' slogan after nearly a quarter-century for a new campaign that emphasizes the innovative spirit that Thomas Edison started at GE more than a century ago. The new $100 million advertising campaign, ``Imagination at work,'' is meant to tout the Fairfield, Conn.-based conglomerate's reputation for innovation at all its businesses, from the NBC television network to its appliances, medical equipment and financial services. The ads, set to debut Sunday, have a humorous touch. In one, the Wright Brothers' rickety plane, strapped with a GE aircraft engine, roars and morphs into a jet. Edison is the lead character in another spot: The stern-faced inventor's head cracks open, a la Monty Python, with visions of aircraft engines, refrigerators and other GE products spilling out. Chairman and Chief Executive Jeffrey R. Immelt said shortly after he was appointed in September 2001 that he wanted to rethink the company's image. The "Imagination at work'' TV ads are scheduled to air during the Golden Globe Awards." It will be interesting to see if this is as effective as the old tagline was.

Buzzword for advertising in 2003- Value"- "In spite of the intellectual argument that a consistent advertising presence through both good times and tough times has a positive long-term result, advertisers tend to listen to their gut when times are tough, and they pull back on their advertising. As a reflection of that trend, more than 20,000 jobs have been lost in the advertising industry over the past 18 months, primarily due to an aggregate slowdown in advertising dollars. While spending has been cut, the expectations of what advertising can and must do for brands and businesses is increasing. Almost everyone who is responsible for an advertising budget is faced with a similar situation – higher sales goals, reduced advertising resources. In this environment, the primary driver of advertising decisions is based on value: Am I buying something that is going to work, and am I buying it at a good price? So for 2003, more than ever, the advertising battleground between buyers and sellers is going to be fought over value."

Ad agency snubs convention in new Saturn spots. " "The challenge for Goodby is to build on what Riney started for the brand while making it relevant to the brand and effective for the new model," said Jerry Gibbons, West Coast director of the American Association of Advertising Agencies. The Ion campaign is estimated to represent $30 million to $50 million in ad spending. It is aimed at people who are in transition, moving on with their lives, said agency co-founder Jeff Goodby. By contrast, he complained, much of the other auto advertising for the same audience shows one-dimensional relationships between cars and owners - "badges of cool." He said these ads depict people who have fallen into "the tragically hip 28-year-old" trap."

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