Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Agenices start preparing for State Ad-Tax threat. No U.S. state is yet considering legislation taxing ad time and space, but the industry has cause to fear that this perennial threat might have some teeth in 2003. "There is general agreement in the business community that the tax issue at the state level is more dangerous now than at any time in recent history," said Dan Jaffe, evp of government relations at the Association of National Advertisers. (via adweek.com)

Ad exec skewers SUV-terrorism campagin. "Marcie Brogan, managing partner of Brogan & Partners, sent e-mails to 800 people in her database opposing the Detroit Project's TV spots that link SUVs to terrorists. The Detroit Project, a coalition headed by syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington, broke a spot Sunday in four local markets, mostly during the broadcast of Meet the Press, that portrays SUVs as gas guzzlers that aid terrorists." (via adage.com)

4A's Chief has an opinion on Ries and Zyman Books. "Two recent books -- Sergio Zyman's The End of Advertising as We Know It and The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR by Al and Laura Ries -- take several heavy-handed shots at the role and value of advertising agencies in today's marketplace. They suggest that, for most practical purposes, the kind of traditional advertising that most agencies produce is dead on its feet, a dinosaur without real impact or relevance to marketers or consumers. But upon close reading it's evident that the books' titles are considerably more inflammatory and negative about advertising and advertising agencies than the contents themselves. Putting all drama and personal business agendas aside, the fact is we're not about to witness the "end" or "fall" of anything." These books have created a minor stir in the ad world. I say minor because most advertising people see them as being biased and sensational. But as Mr. Drake points out...it has fostered some discussion and debate which is always good. (via adage.com)

New study shows 47% of doctors feel pressured by DTC Drug Advertising. Drug advertising is always a hot topic. "Ninety-two percent of the doctors said they had been asked for specific advertised drugs by patients." (via adage.com)

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