Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Ozzy with a twist- Pepsi will air a new ad for the SuperBowl for it's Pepsi Twist. The advert stars the Black Sabbath frontman and his children, Jack and Kelly, along with a host of celebrities. It shows the two Osbourne children "unwrapping" their faces to reveal they are in fact Donny and Marie Osmond. As they begin to sing, the advert cuts to a horrified Ozzy Osbourne awaking from his nightmare and crying out for his wife, Sharon, reports Media Guardian. The final scene reveals that the woman lying in bed next to him is not his wife but Florence Henderson, the actress who played Carol Brady in 1970s sitcom the Brady Bunch.Pepsi is to premiere its latest advertising campaign with Ozzy Osbourne during this weekend's Super Bowl in the US.

Outdoor advertising could go big time- A look at the future of outdoor advertising and also targeted tv stations.

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