Thursday, January 23, 2003

Questions for today
Thursday Thumb Twiddler
1. If there were to be a televised, public execution broadcast in prime time, would you watch it? No.
2. If you could mold to your liking your memories of any past experiences, would you do so? I don't think so. The thing with memories, good or bad, is that the variety helps to keep things interesting.
3. The excitement of the Holiday Season is long over. What "big day" are you looking forward to next? None. At least none that I can think of. Valentines day is coming up but that's not that big of a thing to me.

Thurs Threesome
Onesome: Still- Can't hold still? What type of music gets you going? I mean to where your just have to crank it up and start moving to the beat! Techno, trancey-type, hip hop, general "club" music, and bands like Live, Jane's Addiction, Chili Peppers, and sometimes upbeat 80s music too.
Twosome: Life- Life in the fast lane? What would it take to slow you down a bit and let you relax this weekend? Hmmm? ...or are you going to turn That Game on? (...and who's going to win?) Well as I don't have any plans yet for this weekend, except vacuuming the place, I guess it won't take much. I'm not sure if I'm going to watch the game and if I do, it will be for the commercials and not the game itself. I could care less about football. At least it means that now Futurama won't keep getting skipped because of games running long or whatever.
Threesome: In watercolor- Hey! How about wall art? What do you like to have hanging around the place for decoration? Kid pics? Knick-knacks? ...the Monet or two? In the study we have some posters. In the livingroom and bedroom there are some paintings that I did. And a dart board. It's more of a decoration only because it hardly ever gets used anymore.

3 for Thursday (#18):
1. What are 3 things that are wondrous to you - never cease to amaze you? Human creativity. My sweetie. The universe.
2. What are 3 very positive and great things in your life? My sweetie. My family. My friends.
3. What are 3 things that you treasure that you would give up/sacrifice for someone you love? This is a hard one. I'm not sure. I guess it would depend what kind of things I'd have to give up.
4. What are 3 wacky sayings/phrases that just crack you up every time you hear them? There are plenty but now that I'm put on the spot I can't think of any! Argh!
Bonus: If there is one thing you can do for someone that would make life easier and happier, what would it be and why? Hmm. I don't know.

Daily Dose
1) What is your stance on abortion? I believe in the right to choose. No government should have the right to say what a woman can or cannot do with her body.
2) Do you know someone who has had an abortion? Did they regret the decision? If I do, I don't know that they did.
3) On another topic, do you support/oppose assisted suicides for terminally ill patients? I think if someone is terminally's their choice how they spend the last bit of life they have. I think that if they are suffering it's probably worse than remaining alive. I can see why they would want to do it. I'm not really a supporter of it or opposed to it though. I think this is something that probably has been going on for centuries in a very quiet manner and no one ever thought about it until the media got on to it.

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